Scientific Linux 7.6 发布!

来源 发布时间:2018-12-05

Scientific Linux 7.6 发布!Scientific Linux 7.6 发布!

Pat Riehecky宣布推出Scientific Linux 7.6,这是由红帽企业Linux提供并由美国巴达维亚费米国家加速器实验室赞助的源代码包重建的企业级Linux发行版的新版本。 新版本附带了一些小的更新和影响Cinnamon桌面用户的已知问题。

Scientific Linux 7.6 更新说明

"Scientific Linux 7.6 x86_64. These are the notes for the 'release candidate' of Scientific Linux 7.6. Please also review the upstream vendor's 7.6 release notes for major upstream changes. Scientific Linux 7.x users should run 'yum clean expire-cache' at this time. Major differences from upstream 7.6: Scientific Linux features the X.Org fix listed in Bugzilla 1650634. Major differences from Scientific Linux 7.5: sl-release is updated to use the 7.6 repos; PackageKit has initial support for notification of SL7 minor release upgrades, to use this feature you must install sl7-upgrade. Known issues: Cinnamon desktop from EPEL7 prevents upgrades due to Caribou and GNOME Shell."


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