UBports 16.04 发布

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UBports项目维护着社区开发的Canonical Ubuntu Touch移动设备操作系统,UBports团队发布了一个基于Ubuntu 16.04的新主要版本。新版本UBports 16.04(也称为UBports OTA-4)包括新的省电功能,土耳其语,保加利亚语和瑞士语法语的新键盘布局以及性能改进。声明主要如下:

After eight months of work, the UBports Foundation is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu Touch OTA-4. This release features Ubuntu 16.04 as its base (previously 15.04), bringing security fixes and greater stability to unseen corners of the operating system. We've also upgraded from Qt 5.4 to 5.9, bringing a number of improvements. Check out the What's New section below for more information on what's been changed or updated in this release! Users who have Ubuntu Touch OTA-3 will not be receiving this update automatically. See 'How do I get it?' below for more information. Why does OTA-4 matter? We believe that this is the 'official' starting point of the UBports project. From the point when Canonical dropped the project until today, the community has been playing 'catch up' in development, infrastructure, and community building. This release shows that the community is soundly based and capable of delivering.


什么是Ubuntu Touch

简单的说 Ubuntu Touch 就是针对移动设备的 Ubuntu 操作系统移动版.Ubuntu Touch 由 UBports 社区制作和维护,它适合在移动触摸屏环境中自然运行,但在“桌面模式”下也可以具有台式计算机的功能,目前的状态下,Ubuntu Touch 操作系统主要用于智能手机和平板电脑等触屏移动设备.

Ubuntu Touch 应用

Ubuntu Touch 提供您需要的一切。提供各种应用。通信、通讯、音乐、管理、导航、工具、游戏等等应用。

Ubuntu Touch 预装了一套重要且可靠的核心应用,可满足您的日常需求。这包括您希望从手机获得的所有功能,例如拨号程序、联系人和日历,但由于它是 Linux 系列,因此该操作系统也配备了功能齐全的文件浏览器和终端(包括基本的命令行应用)。

请在 OpenStore 中查看目前提供的应用完整列表。

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